Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preambule of Google and Me

Bismillah Hirrohman Nirrohim,

Thanks to God, my stories about Google and Me are as reference for you who read this blog right now, thank you for taking the time while reading the preambule. The article about "Google and Me" I am dedicated for my daughter; Hawa Raissa Agripina. I hope that the intention of inspiration and motivation will be make sweet of memories more than earlier.

Initially, preambuly the blog address will be take name "Me and Google". However, because it is not available by Google "says" (in this case Blogger) so "Google and Me" to be the next choice. This blog will be story about Google's products, services, and the third party (stakeholders) behind my adventures wit Google: the stakeholders behind me and under the flag of Google.

To arrange systematically, this blog divided into several chapters, where the chapter made up of several sub-chapters who relevant. On the contents of this blog will run over time, where the sub-chapter that has content and links will be given a sub-chapter does not yet have the content will be provided with the limitations upon the content of the existing.

I am hoping to be a remembrance for my wife and my daughter. This started on July 2009, which will essentially narrate of interesting and unique stories with the Google and third parties (stakeholders) involved or who deliberately involved in the establishment this blog.

I know that

My soul, my life only shortly

I am hoping that

Will be always on beautiful act

Alhamdulillah Hirrobbil 'alamin

Pekanbaru, July 2009

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